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Building a Community - A Journey Through the History of the National Deaf Interpreters

The establishment of the National Deaf Interpreter (NDI), a non-profit nationwide organization, was a monumental, historic event in the interpreting field and for the American Deaf community.

The first Deaf Interpreter Conference (DIC) was held in 2015 in Minneapolis, MN, and was very successful as it gave certified Deaf interpreters & Deaf interpreters an opportunity to professionally collaborate and draw inspiration from each other.

Two years later, NDI made its debut at the second DIC in Philadelphia, PA.


NDI is the clearinghouse for the provision of services of certified Deaf interpreters & Deaf interpreters (CDI/DI). NDI also creates communities, champions standards, and shares knowledge with its members. As a professional Deaf interpreters’ organization, NDI will share ideas, practices, and common goals about interpreting.


NDI aims to be the inspiration to every Deaf interpreter all over the world, regardless of their certification level.


NDI identifies the following characteristics as the foundation of its organizational values

  • Of/By/For Deaf Interpreters
  • Deaf Ecosystem
  • Deaf Space
  • Ownership
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Organicity
  • Solidarity
  • Respect

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